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Tracking down a rogue Data Connection in Server Explorer

I’ve had an annoying problem with a data connection appearing under the “Data Connections” node in Server Explorer under VS2003.  Everytime I load up my project, I get prompted for a Sql Server Login to a particular database. Worse yet, this … Continue reading 

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off-topic: Kung Fu Hustle

My wife and I went to see Steven Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle this weekend.  We really went into it not knowing what to expect, we heard some glowing recommendations but we also saw some reviews that said it was not … Continue reading 

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Microsoft’s ‘awareness’ of Intersoft products

 A coworker of mine pointed out an article on Intersoft’s support board discussing their approach to integrating with ASP.NET 2.0.  The company has said they will wait for the actual release to port their products which is unfortunate.  As part of … Continue reading 

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Dear Microsoft… please abolish in-memory session state.. Thank you.

I’m generally not a fan of cork-on-a-fork approaches to protecting programmers, but here’s one case where I think everyone could benefit… I’ve heard of too many ASP.NET web projects that rely on in-memory session state when they make the transition … Continue reading 

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The Compact Framework jump and changing my home setup.

 I’m finally digging into the Compact Framework and doing some digging on setting up my environment to make it feasible at home.  I haven’t touched the CE space in a while and only used the C++ 3.0 compiler for CE … Continue reading 

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