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Great post, greater title

Here’s a great post by a tester at Microsoft titled “Testers are Little More than Accounts In a Factory“.  The article provides one of the “forest through the trees” moments with respect to professional testing.  The title is what first got … Continue reading 

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What Pre-1985 video game character are you?

I took the “If I were a video game character I would be …” test and it said I’m either a Guantlet Adventurer or a Defender Ship. I have to say I prefer the Defender Ship explanation (the getting lost … Continue reading 

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Working with a third-party menu control

I’m starting to work with a third-party menu control by telerik.  This is a company based out of Bulgaria with an office in the US. I’ve used their r.a.d. menu indirectly with a webgrid product that implements the telerik product for context menu purposes.  I’ve been … Continue reading 

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Webservice Thinking – thoughts on Sahil’s blog entry

I was reading Sahil’s post titled “WebServices – A WHOLE new way of thinking” and it triggered some thoughts on the subject.  Sahil discusses the notion that you have to wrap your head around the request/reponse model vs. a remoting/conventional … Continue reading 

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Effectiveness of TDD Whitepaper

Jeffrey Palermo links to a whitepaper from the NCSU Computer Science Department titled “An Initial Investigation of Test Driven Development in Industry“.  There is some very good information here as it builds on an earlier study from Muller & Hagner’s … Continue reading 

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Exploring BITS and the Software Update Services

I’ve been doing some work with the BITS SDK and understanding that tool a little better.  So far, I’m finding it to be fairly straight forward and efficient – but I’m not hitting a lot of traffic or scenarios at … Continue reading 

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Note to Self: Plugin discoveryand Reflection

Here’s a decent article on plugin discovery and reflection from Roy Osherove’s blog.  The blog discusses the memory overhead issues of testing a lart number of assemblies. 

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Roy Osherove’s MSDN Article

Roy Osherove blogs about his first MSDN article titled “Simplify Data Layer Unit Testing using Enterprise Services“.  The article is a nice overview of different approaches to testing a stateful back-end data source. He has a number of good resource-type links in the … Continue reading 

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Master Page under VS2003 – a nice writeup

 I’ve run across this Master-Page implementation discussion by Shams Muhktar several times over the past year.  I really like the write-up for its clarity so I thought I’d take a moment to capture it for good.      

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Ultramon convert

I’m a little late to the ball game, but I finally downloaded UltraMon after reading Fritz Onion’s blog.  This tools is great!  I love the spanned taskbar feature and the added window buttons for swapping apps between screens. Very nice.

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