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pdc quandry

I entered the “blog to the pdc” competition last night but now I’m wondering about the gamble this involves.  If I don’t buy a ticket now, I risk the conference selling out.  But then I’m potentially out an additional 2k … Continue reading 

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Blogging my way to the PDC -or- overdone british literary adaptations

<– Click on the logo to vote for my entry! <crosses fingers> Here’s my entry… </crosses fingers> PDC will be my first major conference in several years and I look forward to blogging about it.  If I win I’ll start blogging … Continue reading 

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Accessing a project-level file at runtime

Here’s the code for accessing a physical file (i.e. jpg, gif, etc.) that is referenced in the solution. I run into this bit of code every once in a while but never frequently enough to remember it off the top … Continue reading 

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Component Search: visio-like functionality

I’m looking for a .Net WinForms component that provides some form of Visio-like functionality (including object relationships) without requiring Visio on the machine.  I’m not sure if something like this even exists, but if you’ve used it/seen it, then I’d … Continue reading 

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Process Certification discussion

With all the talk about certifications like CMM over the past couple of years, Mary Poppendieck’s article titled “Toward a New Definition of Maturity” really hits the mark. She discusses the potential faults of decomposing large tasks into separate, compartmentalized sub-tasks.  As with … Continue reading 

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an open-source Constraint Solver?

Has anyone come across an open-source / free Constraint Solver that maintains graphical representations of connections between objects (much like Visio).  I’m digging for a solution that works witin the .Net framework as an assembly or C# code.  Worst-case, I could always … Continue reading 

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office humor: "everybody back to standing on our heads"

This is off-topic, but when someone walks out of a meeting and says “ok, everybody back to standing on our heads” you’ll know what they mean.  A guy dies and is sent to Hell. Satan meets him, shows him doors … Continue reading 

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Six Sigma on LSD: clarity strikes

Mary Poppendieck has an article that appeared in “People on Projects” explaining the combining of Six Sigma and Lean.  This is a great read. The last section titled “Delayed Commitment” talks to the role of testing as the heartbeat of … Continue reading 

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Getting mono::live running on VPC

I ran into some problems getting the mono::live boot cd running under VPC until I came across a blog post by Christoph Wille.  This is a nice writeup and addresses the problem quickly.

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Lean Software Development: differentiating push- and pull-based development

I was reading a white paper over at and a thought hit me regarding lean vs. conventional development. Backing up a moment, perhaps I need to explain some of my reservations toward conventional waterfall development.  I’ve always felt that … Continue reading 

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