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Garbage Collection Articles: an updated list

I previously blogged about a set must-read garbage collection articles and issues around directly calling GC.Collect().  Thanks to Raymond Lewellen who recently pointed me to the Maoni blog, and now I definitely need to update this list.  These entries are phenomonal … Continue reading 

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LSD: site and Team System

I was spending some time over at David Anderson’s site. First, check out his interview with Robert Scoble.  David discusses the background of his influences from Eli Goldratt and W. E. Deming and how these are being molded into Microsoft … Continue reading 

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(Amazing) Code Smell – GC.Collect()

I was reading Jeremy Miller’s post on Code Smells and another classic .Net code smell occurred to me.  (I have to say I love the term ‘Code Smell’ – I use it all the time now. Thanks Jeremy.) The most … Continue reading 

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User interface design – seperating the data view from the user view

I was reading Ranjan’s post on user-centered-design techniques that provides insight into the user interviewing process.  This got me thinking about how we actually apply those results and some of the biases and assumptions we bring with us into those … Continue reading 

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Freeform discussion on problems and feelings around Wise and InstallShield

I’ve been spending some time checking out Duncan Bayne’s blog where he is discussing some of his run-ins with InstallShield.  I ran across a particularly interesting post where Duncan and some commenters got into a debate over which product is … Continue reading 

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managing disposable objects in a graphical app

Whenever I deal with disposable objects, I always wrap them in a using() statement religiously.  Now that I am writing a graphical application where the drawing engine may paint on different surfaces (24-bit bitmap vs. black and white), I’ve abstracted … Continue reading 

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Aurora (Nail.exe) spyware fix

I ran into a system infected with the Aurora spyware a couple of weeks ago.  The company maintains that it is not spyware, but it has no removal tool, it throws popups like crazy and it monitors the system and … Continue reading 

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Bought my PDC tickets today…

I just bought my PDC tickets today. I sure hope I win the contest – here’s my pdc contest entry post.  I’m going to hold off on the airline and hotel reservations until I’m sure everything pans out. If I … Continue reading 

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GraphML Primer

Here is a handy GraphML primer that I’m referencing frequently.  The primer starts with a basic node/edge example and builds to more complex graphs and even conversion to an SVG format.

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LSD Discussion: Push-based development taken too far – Agile

I sat through a two-day presentation on project estimation and lifecycle selection by Steven Tockey of Construx Consulting.  The material was exceptional as I would expect from a company owned by Steve McConnell of Code Complete fame. When we got … Continue reading 

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