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Web Service Load Testing with ANTS Load

I’ve been pretty quite lately – job change plus other changes have had me pretty heads down. I’ve started into a new position where we’re in the middle of a 1.0 product release – the benefits of testing approaches are … Continue reading 

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Fun with NAS devices and IIS – updated

I blogged about some problems we were having with an EMC NAS device and file locking with C#/.Net.  It turns out the differences between the file systems were causing strange problems – it looked like phantom processes were holding locks … Continue reading 

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Check out Hjelsberg’s LINQ project…

Doug Rhoten over at CVNUG just sent me a link to the LINQ project.  The LINQ project extends C# and VB.NET wih  native language syntax for queries.  There are some excellent resources on the page along with code tutorials. Native language syntax … Continue reading 

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