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Aurora/Nail Virus – a simple virus that has stumped the anti-virus firms

The latest word on anti-virus firms  focuses on their inability to adjust to the rootkits that are running around in the wild these days.  Companies such as Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro do not have rootkit detection and removal capabilities.   While … Continue reading 

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remote event log reading – code for a command line utility

Here’s the code for a command-line utility I’ve written for gathering EventLog information from remote testing/production machines on our network.  I’ve found the utility to be pretty handy and can be xcopy’d without any other assemblies.  While the utility writes all information out to … Continue reading 

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worst. program. ever.

Last night, I grabbed my video camera and hooked it up to my pc to create a DVD of some home movies. I haven’t done this in a while, so I dusted off my copy of Pinnacle Studio 9, installed … Continue reading 

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TCPView and Close Connection – how’d he do that?

On my new project,  I’ve been helping to trace down problems with 3rd party/backend libraries exhibiting bad behaviors.  In tracking down these behaviors, I’ve been using TCPView to watch connections and see how the application is behaving on the wire.  … Continue reading 

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Report from the trenches – lessons from a 1.0 product

 I’ve spent the last couple of months in a new job, new project, etc..  The project I’m working on deals with securities data and the application’s scope is very interesting.  We’re using a combination of ASPX and ASMX services for … Continue reading 

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