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telerik’s TabStrip control – first implementation impressions

I just finished wiring up telerik’s TabStrip control for the first time. The experience was pretty painless. For background, we have a page that displays a large amount of data.  This data is all hidden/shown client-side using javascript.  The previous … Continue reading 

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Marking public properties as design-time properties on web controls

I run into this infrequently enough that I have to search on the properties.  Since I usually have a hard time finding the details… Using the “Bindable” attribute on a public property will make this property available through the design-time … Continue reading 

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thead/tbody/tfoot tags on FireFox bug

This is more of an fyi post than anything because I didn’t immediately find out about this behavior with a quick google search. When toggling the display style of the tbody between “none” and “block”, the FireFox rendering engine causes … Continue reading 

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AgileManagementBlog – larger scale agile organizations

David Anderson posted the first part of a series looking at the “organizational structure for larger scale agile organizations.”  For background, David brings a lot of the theory to the new MSF process and Team Server.  David points out there … Continue reading 

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Core Process Model – a TOC-based Software Development Lifecycle

I’ve been reading David Anderson’s Agile Management for Software Engineering book.  The subtitle “Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results” piqued my interest as I’ve been following ToC/Lean in the manufacturing space for some time. We also took the … Continue reading 

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