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Today’s a great day – we just launched our 3rd customer release this year.  After going 1.0 in January, we’ve followed up with some considerable new features and capabilities.  Releasing on this kind of schedule is exciting – customers notice, … Continue reading 

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Befuddled Tech – Sybase strings and nulls

We ran into a problem with our Sybase servers and how they store strings.  It turns out that when you store an empty string,  Sybase always returns a single space.  Using the following insert statement (quoted string with no space). … Continue reading 

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Sql2k5 and fn_trace_getinfo

I blogged some time back about detecting running traces on Sql2000. You can detect a running trace on a server by using the line:select * from :: fn_trace_getinfo(default) It turns out that Sql2k5 is always reporting a running trace.  At … Continue reading 

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Some Handy Links – measuring connection parameters

Here are some decent tools I’ve found handy in measuring my internet connection – especially when using VOIP. InternetFrogPingPlotter The internet frog VOIP test not only measures up/down speeds, but also measures dropped packets and latency in the connection.  PingPlotter … Continue reading 

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update: toggling a tbody tag with firefox bug

I blogged a few weeks ago about a firefox bug when toggling a tbody tag to display or hide. When declaring the section to be hidden, I set the tbody tag’s display style to “none”.  When attempting to show the … Continue reading 

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