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Fun with O/R Mappers and the XNA Game Studio Express Beta

I've been running through a couple of O/R Mappers to understand different features that are available- thanks to Paul Wilson's site for pointing out other O/R Mappers worth looking at.  So far, I've been impressed with both NHibernate and WilsonOR.  … Continue reading 

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The danger of drop-dead dates and iterative cycles

This problem is pretty typical of drop-dead dates, but it's even more blazingly obvious when pushing new software on a regular basis. Drop-dead dates are a huge invitation to Parkinson's Law – they always become delivery dates. This may seem … Continue reading 

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C#, Xbox 360 and XNA Game Studio Express

With Microsoft releasing a  Game Developer Kit for the 360 called XNA Game Studio Express, I’m really looking forward to this. Unfortunately, it won’t be publicly available until the holiday season. I’d love to put those 3 processor cores to … Continue reading 

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