Monthly Archives: September 2006

I found my second core – AMD X2 and Media Center

I purchased my AMD X2 based system in the beginning of the year and a couple of months ago (after upgrading Media Center), my system stopped seeing the second core.  Task Manager only provided status on one processor and Device … Continue reading 

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Code Camp Twin Cities – November 11

Code Camp Twin Cities is coming to the Microsoft office in Bloomington on November 11.  Sign up now. They are also looking for speakers at this time as well.

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Schemas, Version Control and Distribution

I was reading secretGeeks blog entry titled "11 Tools for Database Versioning" and it reminded of some work I did and blogged about quite a while back. The approach we took then was to have a database project in our … Continue reading 

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Fixing the "Unable to start debugging on the web server." message

I love this error – it's truely hideous and the MSDN docs are worthless.  Everytime I've run into this in the past, it's too long between instances to remember what I did.  I found this post over at Ryan Farley's … Continue reading 

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