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XP Media Center lost my second core (once again)

In the last 12 hours, Windows XP Media Center lost my second core again. I blogged about this a while back where suddenly my dual-core system was only utilizing a single core – apparent in task manager, device manager and general performance.  Even with 3GB of RAM, this sent things crawling in Virtual PC.

I'm guessing that some patch was dispatched today (Sunday) and the system stopped recognizing the second core.  I wonder if anyone from MS and/or AMD is watching.  I reran the driver that I linked to in my blog entry and all was restored. That's annoying.

I wonder how many dual core users are running 3 cans short of a 6 pack without noticing.

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One Response to XP Media Center lost my second core (once again)

  1. sam says:

    I hope that core utilization problem has already been solved in Windows Vista. It’s a shame if users will be encountering the same dilemma on the new OS, considering that Microsoft recommends the Core Duo processor for Vista. I’ll be shifting to the new OS next week. I already found a Web site (http://www.radarsync.com/vista) which has all the Vista drivers that I’ll be needing. I just hope that Vista would be able to meet all my expectations. I spent a fortune upgrading my PC so that I won’t have any problem when I install Microsoft’s latest offering.

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