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End of an Era – my favorite Favre story

Brett Favre called it a career today.  That got me thinking about my favorite Favre story… 

His first regular season game was the day after my birthday in 1992 and I went to a sorority house to watch the game.  Two of the women were wearing #4 jerseys (keep in mind, Majkowski was starting and people were still trying to figure out where the ‘V’ and ‘R’ went on Favre).  I had to give them a hard time, so I said “who is #4, the backup punter”? 

They went on to explain that they met Brett along with other players that summer at a restaurant outside of Green Bay and Favre was the only one that took the time to talk to them.  He said how excited he was for a fresh start in Green Bay and that he was excited to move his family to GB.  They were obviously impressed with how genuine he was.

When Majkowski went down that day,  they were jumping up and down and cheering for Favre to go in – and I thought to myself “there goes the season”.

What can I say:  When you’re wrong, you’re wrong.

I went to my first game at Lambeau on December 30th against the Lions – his last regular season game. 

The guy was a class act from day one and kept it going his entire career. Thanks Brett – can’t wait to see the HoF induction!


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