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Old Code, New Testing Tricks – breaking old habits

I ran into a variation on an old threading problem the other day that I found nearly impossible to unit test.  When I say impossible, getting my test scenario to succeed meant the guaranteed setting of two threading primitives before … Continue reading 

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CSLA and Telerik radGrid- a collection of posts

I am busy finishing up some knowledge transfer and found the need to gather together various postings I have done here and elsewhere on getting CSLA and Telerik playing nice.  A few of these topics deal with generic binding issues … Continue reading 

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Creating a Horizontal GridSplitter in WPF – for real

I ran into a number of articles on the web declaring how to create a horizontal grid splitter control in WPF – most of them wrong. There are a couple of “Walkthru” articles on MSDN that show the proper way … Continue reading 

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End of an Era – my favorite Favre story

Brett Favre called it a career today.  That got me thinking about my favorite Favre story…  His first regular season game was the day after my birthday in 1992 and I went to a sorority house to watch the game.  Two of the … Continue reading 

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Linq to Objects – measuring performance implications (part 1)

After working with Linq-to-objects, I started thinking about how this tool could work in the wrong hands.  At its simplest, a seemingly elegant query could easily turn into a CPU hog if the underlying data structure isn’t organized well.  At … Continue reading 

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