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Web Service Load Testing with ANTS Load

I’ve been pretty quite lately – job change plus other changes have had me pretty heads down. I’ve started into a new position where we’re in the middle of a 1.0 product release – the benefits of testing approaches are … Continue reading 

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Lean Thought: Microsoft Project and UML

Here’s a thought I just had – Microsoft Project is to Software Project Management as UML is to Code UML is not architecture nor is it code design.  UML is a static picture that describes intent at a given point … Continue reading 


Freeform discussion on problems and feelings around Wise and InstallShield

I’ve been spending some time checking out Duncan Bayne’s blog where he is discussing some of his run-ins with InstallShield.  I ran across a particularly interesting post where Duncan and some commenters got into a debate over which product is … Continue reading 

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managing disposable objects in a graphical app

Whenever I deal with disposable objects, I always wrap them in a using() statement religiously.  Now that I am writing a graphical application where the drawing engine may paint on different surfaces (24-bit bitmap vs. black and white), I’ve abstracted … Continue reading 


Bought my PDC tickets today…

I just bought my PDC tickets today. I sure hope I win the contest – here’s my pdc contest entry post.  I’m going to hold off on the airline and hotel reservations until I’m sure everything pans out. If I … Continue reading 


GraphML Primer

Here is a handy GraphML primer that I’m referencing frequently.  The primer starts with a basic node/edge example and builds to more complex graphs and even conversion to an SVG format.

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LSD Discussion: Push-based development taken too far – Agile

I sat through a two-day presentation on project estimation and lifecycle selection by Steven Tockey of Construx Consulting.  The material was exceptional as I would expect from a company owned by Steve McConnell of Code Complete fame. When we got … Continue reading 

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Note to Self: Rolling Wave project scheduling

I need to check out Rolling Wave project scheduling when I have a chance.  I’ve been looking at Mark Graban’s kanban blog and digging into the articles he has linked – it’s fun reading.  I’ve got a couple of blog topics … Continue reading 

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American Standard/Trane hiring a TDD Guy

The company I work for, American Standard/Trane, in White Bear Lake, MN is now hiring a Lead Development Software Test Engineer.  White Bear Lake is a northern suburb of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area and located merely 12.5 miles from Jay … Continue reading 


Dynamics of Software Development 2nd Edition no more?

A couple of months ago I came across a link on Amazon to a 2nd Edition  of Jim McCarthy’s “Dynamics of Software Development” While it’s a bit dated now, the first edition remains one of my favorite books and I … Continue reading 

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