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Of Tailors and Tooling (rant)

Daniel asks a tailor to make him a suit. The tailor measures him and says “come back in three days.” Daniel returns to try on the suit. “The left sleeve is too short” he complains. The tailor says “Raise your … Continue reading 

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Rob E’s Mini-MVVM Framework @ MIX10

Rob Eisenberg’s MIX 2010 talk, “Build Your Own MVVM Framework” was terrific. If you feel modestly comfortable with MVVM, run over and get the video and the code. Rob may be best known for his Caliburn WPF/Silverlight Presentation Development Framework. … Continue reading 

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MVVM, Josh Smith’s Way

I’ve long admired Josh Smith’s work. He’s one of the best explainers on the web and he – together with Karl Shifflett and Andrew Smith – gave us Mole, the superb WPF Visual Studio debugger visualizer. I heard recently that … Continue reading 

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